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Sam bayliss


Approximately seven years ago I realized my passion for fitness and nutrition ran deeper than the 30 pounds of weight I shed over the years. Through my weight loss journey came a deep desire to not only learn more about proper fitness and nutrition but a need to share my experience of transformation with others. I believed if I was truly able to transform, I would be able to help others transform themselves. Change is a scary thing; we are all set in our ways of life, routines, day to day eating and exercise habits. Many times we need an outside voice to give us fitness advice and that extra push. When I decided to change my situation, I hired a personal trainer, drastically changed my diet, started a serious exercise regimen and began running and cycling. My passion for fitness ensued and I began competing in duathlons, half-marathons, 10K’s and Spartan Races. As my connection to fitness grew deeper, I realized what my true calling was… to become a Personal Trainer and help others transform themselves just as I transformed myself. Change is scary, right? I had a successful medical sales job, close group of friends, and a comfortable condo on the beach in Long Island, NY.

Why would I leave? Passion

So here we are… I became a certified Personal Trainer, quit my medical sales job and moved to the mecca of heath and fitness, Southern California. Upon arriving here I immediately got offered a job as a Personal Trainer at Equinox, one of the most elite gyms in the country, where I quickly rose to be a top Tier 3+ trainer. As rewarding as it was to work for Equinox for four years, I’m starting a new phase in my career and will be focusing on private training and nutrition plans for my clients.



Personal Trainer

Functional Training Expert (FTE, Faster Global)

Sports Nutrition (Level 3)

Yoga & Meditation Teacher (500hr)



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